Virtual Forest Tour - at the Digital Forest Lab Haselberg

The interactive virtual forest tour in the Digital Forest Lab leads through various 360° stations , which depicts the forest ecosystem with its local characteristics. It consists of three consecutive chapters . These can be accessed individually , via the overview tab or on the overview map at the bottom of the screen  Here, theoretical and application-oriented information can be explored and deepened freely according to your interest.

I Basics of the forest ecosystem

What characterizes the forest in  Haselberg?

This chapter provides an introduction to the floors of the Haselberg forest ecosystem. The stand is characterized by diverse tree and animal species, as well as the interaction of abiotic factors like soil and water. The contents correspond to the study contents of the 1st to 3rd semesters.

II Forest management

How can I monitor and observe it? Why and when is harvesting done?

This chapter deals with the measurement of individual trees and forests based on different parameters. These provide information for silvicultural plannning, which faces certain economic and ecologic challenges in the context of global warming. In addition, the execution and risks of timber harvesting and maintenance measures are discussed in order to preserve the raw material wood. The contents correspond to the study contents of the 2nd to 4th semesters.

III Forest perspectives 

Which developments and dynamics accompany the forest ecosystem today and in the future?

This part offers a perspective on the forest that is not always at eye level. Drones can be used to analyze crown states and entire forests in a short time. Biodiversity factors, such as dead wood, provide information about the condition of a forest. Finally, our forests are undergoing a transformation and are certain. The contents correspond to the study contents of the 3rd to 6th semesters.

Have Fun exploring!

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